IT Infrastructure

Prepare end-to-end solutions that customers need.

Storage / File System

Quantum provides data protection for either virtual or physical server, cloud backup and restore, tiered storage, objective storage, professional storage solution including big data. Helps customer manage, protect, archive, and leverage your critical data more efficiently, creating maximum value over the entire lifecycle of your data

Quantum products and services for backup and archive

Offline storage and solutions for high-performance enterprise backup and DR to protect against ransomware and malware

Quantum products and services for Video and video type data

Quantum's portfolio is designed to resolve the needs of the most demanding workloads for video and video-type data.
These large unstructured data sets have a 'work flow' or life cycle that requires high-performance shared storage and low-cost, long-term storage.

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  • Sales Director Lee Seong-Min
  • Technical support Choi Jin-Ho