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Next Generation Integrated Authentication Solution

An authentication platform that applies FIDO-based international standard technology standards and blockchain technology,
providing user authentication services based on biometric information and location information in various environments such as OS login,
business portal and legacy system authentication, access control, and identity authentication service. It is the “next generation integrated authentication platform”.

Implement a single authentication system by applying to various work environments from work to work

  • 2nd certification of business portal and legacy system
  • User PC (Windows, open OS) login authentication
  • Security equipment and access control linkage
  • Identity verification service
  • Support integrated authentication system tailored to internal and external environments

Simple and fast biometric authentication solution mSABER

  • Support various authentication methods
    • · Ownership base: PIN, OTP, pattern authentication
    • · Bio-based: Fingerprint, facial, palm print authentication
    • · Location-based: Beacon reception, WIFI, GPS information
    • · Multi-factor authentication: Supports fusion authentication of 2 or more
  • Application of domestic and foreign patent technology
    • · Acquired certification patent right from the lock screen
    • · Applied for a patent for location-based biometric authentication
    • · Blockchain-based authentication method patent application
    • · Own technology related to certification (3 patents, 4 applications)
  • Fastest user authentication
    • · PC request -> Mobile immediate certification (patent applied)
    • · 3 Way Push Service method support
    • · Provides standardized interworking API/SDK for application to heterogeneous systems
  • Support for optimization of work environment
    • · Compliance with the evaluation standards for national agency security
    • · Compliance with security standards between server-relay-authentication apps
    • · OS environment (Windows/Linux, etc.) authentication support
    • · Internal business/external service area expansion application

User-centric authentication method proved by case

Integrated authentication that can be applied simultaneously to business web and mobile apps
One-touch authentication from Windows login to work system!

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