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Personal Information Protection

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), the scope of regulation is expanding not only to structured data, but also to encryption of unstructured data containing personal information such as recording files, images, and logs. Keep your personal information safe with Ineb's data encryption solution D'Guard.

It is necessary to introduce solutions to cope with strengthening of personal information protection laws at home and abroad.

  • Legal Compliance
    • · Financial Supervisory Service recommends performing encryption measures
    • · Compliance with Personal Information Protection Act
    • · Comply with laws on promoting the use of information and communication networks and protecting information
  • Personal Information Protection
    • · National Intelligence Service verified encryption module authentication algorithm equipped product
    • · Use secure encryption algorithms
    • · Secure management of encryption keys
  • Stability
    • · Support various operating environments
    • · Support encryption method suitable for various tasks
    • · Ensure business continuity in case of failure

Core technology that has been proven to over 300 customers

  • Filter method,
    No. 1 market share
    D’Guard DB
    (Structured Encryption)

    Data encryption, access control and audit by column in DB (database)

  • Real-time agent method
    Industry No. 1
    D’Guard File
    (Unstructured Encryption)

    Encryption, access control and auditing of unstructured data files such as log, image and recording files

  • Korea's largest
    Search for personal information type
    D’Guard Eye
    (Server Personal Information Search)

    Providing a series of personal information protection systems to search for data including personal information in the server and follow up

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