Cloud Virtualization

Cloud VDI deployment experience proved by numerous references. Maymust technology is unique.

Cloud VDI Solution

A secure digital work environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere Citrix on Azure!
The Citrix on Azure cloud offers a variety of deployment options for Citrix VDI solutions, including virtual apps, desktops, data and networking.
Join cloud-based VDI deployment services and proven partner MaMast to reduce IT costs and improve work efficiency.

Citrix on Azure

  • Cloud-based
    VDI construction service
  • Progressive migration
    and flexible resource zoom
  • Various deployment
    methods such as all-in Azure
    and hybrid
  • Improving domestic/ overseas accessibility and user experience
Introduction effect
01 Reduce initial investment cost
and eliminate risk
02 Rapid deployment, change management
and stabilization period
03 Substantial TCO reduction effect
04 Free from hardware failures and
expansion concerns
Reference case
  • case1 Global mobile service
    development and
    company L
    Not only is it difficult to manage due to the aging VDI system in use, it is also necessary to improve the working environment of overseas branch employees.
  • 01 Enhance and optimize external access security
    • · Simplify VDI access authentication with Citrix ADC
    • · Enhance security for external access through interlocking with secondary authentication
    • · Implement global load balancing with Azure Traffic Manager
    • · Improved access quality and speed of VM advancement for overseas users
    • · Automatically access the most optimal region with a single access address
  • 02 VDI system expansion and management issues resolved
    • · Resolving the scale-out problem for users who continuously increase
    • · Free expansion by user VM based quantity, not host based
    • · Relieve the burden of managing 50 existing HW servers
  • case2 Manufacturing
    and distribution
    company S
    I would like to implement a smart work service for employees. Is it difficult to operate VDI with minimal resources?
  • 01 Minimize operational management resources with integrated managed services
    • · Minimize hardware (server, storage, etc.) operation management
    • · Improved management convenience and reduced operation resource cost with cloud and solution integrated managed service
  • 02 VDI system expansion and management issues resolved
    • · Provides a high level of public cloud availability (SLA)
    • · Preemptive obstacles, quick response with experts in each field
  • case3 Fashion
    company L
    VDI deployment in a short period of time with minimal cost to the call center.
  • 01 Minimize initial deployment cost
    • · Reduced initial introduction cost by using VMs as required
    • · Elastic VM power policy saves user VM costs
    • · Quickly respond to sizing according to the purpose and application
  • 02 Easily transferred from a test environment to a real service environment
    • · No need to consider host server dependencies or replication time
    • · Establish real service conversion plan immediately without loss of test-based content
    • · Rapid deployment progress, transfer and service of all users within 1 month

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